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Your sewing success is our goal.  We carry the full line of Pfaff sewing, quilting, embroidery and serger machines.   Whether you are looking for a mechanical machine, an electronic machine, or one that interfaces with your computer, we have many options for you.   We also carry the Mid-arm sit down quilters and long arm quilters.   We love what we do and want you to love what you do as well.   If you don't know where to start, please feel free to swing by our shop and explore the machines hands-on with someone on our team. 


Pfaff Machines

Viking Sewing Machines


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Ambition 155


Designer Ruby Royale


Pfaff Ambition 1.0


Pfaff Ambition Essential


Pfaff Coverlock 3.0


Pfaff Coverlock 4.0


Pfaff Creative 1.5


Pfaff Creative 3.0


Pfaff Creative 4.5


Pfaff Creative Icon


Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro


Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro II


Pfaff Expression 3.5


Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0


Pfaff Passport 2.0 Sewing Machine


Pfaff Passport 3.0


Pfaff Performance 5.0


Pfaff Performance 5.2


Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0


Pfaff Powerquilter P3


Pfaff Quilt Ambition 2.0


Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.2


Pfaff Quilt Expression 720


Pfaff Select 4.2


Smarter by Pfaff 140s


Smarter by Pfaff 160s


Smarter by Pfaff 260c


Viking Designer Diamond Royale


Viking Designer Epic


Viking Designer Topaz 40


Viking E-Unit Designer Epic


Viking E-Unit Designer Series


Viking E-Unit Designer Topaz 25/40


Viking E-Unit Designer Topaz/Ruby


Viking Emerald 116


Viking Emerald 118


Viking H Class 100Q


Viking H Class 200S


Viking H Class E10


Viking H Class E20


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