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We are proud to offer the full line of Pfaff and Viking sewing and embroidery machines, overlock machines and Handi Quilter long arm quilting machines. Feel free to stop by the store for a demo of any of the great machines!  We are able to order in machines that we don't have in-store but are made by Pfaff, Viking or Handi Quilter.

Thoughts about choosing your new machine:

Whether you are a new sewist or have been sewing up a storm your whole life, getting a new machine shouldn't have to be stressful.    There will be new things to learn and a ton of options.    No one can know exactly what the future holds, so exploring more options rather than less can be helpful.    We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about our machines and help you make an informed decision.

It can be helpful to start on the web and explore the options:

To learn more about the Pfaff machines, please visit their official site for the US:   Pfaff USA

To learn more about the Husqvarna Viking machines, please visit their official site for the US: Husqvarna Viking USA

To learn more about HandiQuilter machines, please visit their official site for the US:

We DO also have previously loved machines.   These could be mechanical sewing machines, electronic sewing machines, embroidery machines, sergers or even quilting machines!    Please stop by to test drive one to adopt into your home today. 

If you are a new sewist or haven't shopped for a new machine in a while, there are a few different classes of sewing machines that you may want to familiarize yourself with:

Sewing and Embroidery machines.  These machines do it all.  They are highly computerized and some even have WiFi capability so you can work in the cloud wherever you are and the machine will alert your phone when it needs a new bobbin or a color change.     Machine embroidery also has taken on new dimensions in the last few years.     Ribbon embroidery, free standing projects, full projects in the hoop and quilting in the hoop are all things that modern embroidery is.  These machines also perform sewing functions as well.

Sewing machines  - these do your straight stitch, reverse, and zig zag  - and depending on the model, TONS MORE!   Size is also a consideration when choosing your sewing machine - if you are planning to make full sized quilt or large gathered skirts, having more space for your projects can make sewing a breeze.   Sewing machines come in mechanical and electronic.    The mechanical machines tend to be smaller with fewer stitches and do require more thought when setting up your stitches.   The computerized varieties help to give you ease of stitching  - when you choose a stitch, it will make adjustments to width and length of the stitch for you.   The computerized machines can also have handy features like automatic tension settings, thread snips, automatic tie offs and automatic presser foot lifting.

Sergers - Sergers are designed for working with knits and making garments.   You can also do many other things with them, but they do not have reverse or any buttonholing.   Some of them will do coverstitch for hemming, but most are up to 4 threads only. 

Quilting machines are for the actual act of quilting your quilt sandwich together.    So you would piece on the sewing machine and then use a quilting machine - either a sit down machine where you are moving the machine, or a stand up machine on a frame where you can either move the machine or have a robot do it for you.   

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